Welcome to Trinity Data Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Trinity Data Systems is India's first software developer to design and sell software exclusively for the Cable TV industry.Under the vision of Pramod Farias its CEO. Trinity has designed almost all the software that Cable Operators had dreamt of for their day-to-day operations.

Trinity was the first to make and popularize the concept of Song-on-Demand through telephone way back in 1999 and Movie channel playing through computers in 2000.These Software are easy to use and always relied on by Cable TV operators.

The vast experience that Trinity has gained in knowing the requirements of this market has helped it penetrate worldwide markets.Trinity is currently catering to more than 4000 MSO Headends/Control Rooms in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, African Continent and other countires with its innovative products.

So if you are looking out for Movies, News, Ads, Scroll, Logos Playout software for Cable TV Networks to run your automated channels through computers with Video Streaming or looking for SMS Video selection, video jukebox channel software you have reached your destination!!!!