Quad Max FAQs

We give the QuadMax software that you install on a computer. We also give the 4 Out card (Enigma 4x) as this is needed for Audio and Video Output.
Yes. You must have a i7 based computer with at least 8 GB RAM.
Yes. Enigma 4x card gives output in Composite Video and L+R Audio (RCA). This will go to your encoder.
No. You don't have to buy any TV or Graphic card. Enigma 4x is an external USB card that is enough.
Yes. Each channel will have independent videos and overlays.
You can:
Yes. You can run Live on any or all channels depending on your capture card. You will need to install a TV Tuner or capture card "in the PC" for input.
QuadMax lets you run maximum of 4 channels. But you can run 1 or 2 channels too!

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