MagicBox 8 FAQs

You can run your channel using a small Linux Android based box with our licensed software installed in it. Attach a Hard Disk or Pen Drive with pre copied content like movies, logos, ads etc and just plug and play!
We give the MagicBox that comes with a Pen Drive with sample content, a Power Adaptor of 5V and a remote controller.
You will need a computer or a laptop just to copy content to the Pen Drive or Hard Drive. After you copy your content you don't need it.
Magic Box 6 gives output in Composite Video and L+R Audio (RCA) OR HDMI (Either one not both). So you can chose whether you want to run a HD channel or SD using MagicBox.
No. PC or laptop is used only for copying or creating content. You can use a simple PC or laptop.
No. There is not provision for Capture card.
The warranty is for 1 year. We provide it ourselves.

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