Movie Max 5

Gapless payout software with lots of new features!!!
Movie Max5 is the best Playout software from the stable of Trinity Technologies!
Movie Max 5 has all the features of Movie Max 4 but has some more special features. With Movie Max 5 you channel look is enhanced and you get the high end features that you always wanted!
The latest feature of Movie Max 5 is Video Streaming! You can now webcast of IPCast your channel worldwide!
As we said before, Movie Max just gets better and better and better....!

  • Gapless playout - No black frames between videos and Video Streaming to our WMV Servers (Server Rates apply)
  • Gapless switching - No black frames when switching from videos - Live - Videos
  • Semi Transparent scrolls - Set scroll transparency from 0-255 with video in the background.
  • Watermark Logo with Alpha value 0-255 and Realtime channel monitoring with graphics on the first window.
  • Full support for DV source and Animated vertical ads and Repeat Play at end of playlist
  • Picture in Picture LIVE and Video Compression like Neo Sports Channel
  • SMS Polling through SHORT CODE 56677 and Any Color Chroma Keying - use still images as background!
  • In built unlimited animations for Scrolls and Logos - No more learning SWISH MAX or FLASH!
  • Calendar based playout and Sequence based Playout and Live Cricket and other Sports Scores from our affiliated sites
  • Video Based logos - set different logos for different videos!
Hardware Requirements
Following is the minimum configuration required to run Movie Max 5:
  • Processor : Core i3 or better
  • Memory : 2 GB RAM
  • Hard Disk Drive : The Hard Disk size will depend on the number of hours you intend program your channels for.Use multiple Hard Drives to have a bigger movie library.
  • Video Card : ATI chipset PCI Express card with min 256 MB of Video memory and TV-Out. X1050, X1550, ATI4650 are recommended. Please check the Composite TV out connector before buying the card.
  • TV Tuner card Gadmei USB 330+ or Aver Media MCE113
  • DV source can also be given as live